Dramatic Difference, LLC Warranty

We warranty our work against cracking or peeling( for cabinets only peeling and/or material defects) from the date of completion for 5 years or 5 service calls, whichever comes first. If items refinished do require a touch-up and fall within the limits of this warranty, all work and material will be supplied at no cost to you. Please note that like a natural stone, fleck colors may not all be consistent in pattern but we will try to do so to the best of our ability.

Warranty Terms
It is at our discretion whether we will repair the countertop, cabinet, bath or sink surfaces if it fails due to any defect during the first 5 years after initial refinishing. This warranty does not cover dust particles, bugs or other items that fall into paint that is out of our control once items are sprayed. This warranty does not cover countertops, bath, sink or cabinets that have been subjected to chemical or physical abuse. This warranty also does not cover countertops used as a "cutting board" we do not warranty for cuts, gouges or heat spots from pans, candles, cigarettes or like items. This warranty does not cover owner or third party damage and/or negligence such as a owner or  third party dropping tools, spilling, knocking into or otherwise damaging countertop, cabinet, sink or tub including paint drips. This warranty does not cover countertops, cabinets, bath or sink that have been moved from their original refinished location. This warranty does not cover cabinets, outer or inner, that have dry rot or water damage that may swell when painted. This warranty also does not cover damage to your countertop, cabinet, bath or sink caused by items out of anyone's control, such as house settlement, fires, tornadoes or other acts of nature. Failure to follow Refinished Care and Maintenance instructions will void this warranty. This warranty is non-transferable.

Care and Maintenance
The countertops, cabinets, bath or sink must be cared for in accordance with the guidelines set forth in order for the warranty to be valid.

Refinished Care and Maintenance
Do Not Use:
Tilex, Soft Scrub, X-14, Comet, Bleach, Hair Dye, Pink Shampoo, Colored Bubble Bath
Do not use countertop surface as a cutting board.
Do not use scrubbing sponges, steel wool, sandpaper, razor, gritty or abrasive object to clean the countertop, cabinet, sink or tub.
Do not use a "Magic Eraser" on tubs, sink, countertops or cabinets. It WILL act as an abrasive!
Do not use abrasive cleaners, acids, toilet bowl cleaners or any product not designed specifically for kitchen counter/ bathroom fixture cleaning.
Do not use suction-cup bathmats, soap dishes or similar items on the tub.
Do not use ladders or footwear in tub.
Do not use countertop, sink or tub within 24 hours of refinishing.

Do Use:
409, Scrub Free, Fantastic, Lysol Tub & Tile, DOW Scrubbing Bubbles
Do use non abrasive cleaners, this will protect your new finish.
Do dust the surfaces frequently.
Do clean the surfaces with a mild detergent.
Do blot up spills frequently.
RUN WATER When Using Draino

***Please note that Apartments, Condos, Commercial Properties (Hotels,Motels) ONLY have a One
Year Warranty because of high turn over rates in this field. Please talk to Rep about concerns or questions at time of service.

*We may post before and after pictures of your completed process 

Dramatic Difference LLC Is NOT a Licensed Contractor, Only a Fully Insured LLC Company.






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